Entertainment / Display Units


Custom Made Furniture

Every room in you space needs a touch of uniqueness and contemporary design. That’s why we provide custom made furniture to your home or commercial areas with our knowledge and assistance driven by your specific needs and requests. Once you’re real with design, it can’t be ugly! Your space will be more than just a shelter, with our designs and quality custom made furniture your area will be lifted emotionally and spiritually!

Our specialists will work with you to deliver your specific requirements. We can colour match to your surrounding elements and quality that can withstand your environment whether it be indoors or out. We pride on our custom designed furniture to be created and stand the test of time. Our professionals are lead by our accurate and thorough quality control structures as we individually handcraft and machine create your custom made furniture in Sydney’s Botany.

Entertainment Units

Does your entertainment area need that creative touch? Why not use your imagination, our skills and expertise? At Bober we deliver to you, unique and contemporary custom made entertainment units to revive your living. With the purpose of media created units, admire the most modern home theatre gear but also accommodating for the aged favourites in a custom made entertainment unit reimagined to enhance and amp up you space! Be confident with us while we keep the communication open designing your masterpiece. We’ll provide sketches and measurements for your understanding and ease to guarantee the delivery of your perfected and superior quality project. You’re guaranteed to have confidence in us to deliver your custom entertainment unit! We provide immediate start on quote acceptance too!

Display Units

Bless your living with custom made display units inspired by you and created by us! You know what you need? We know how to create it! We at Bober, can assist you with you ideas, designs and plans for the perfectly constructed custom display unit with out onsite specialists. Matching to any colour you need, combination or style, we’ve got you covered. Our experts craftsmen will hand and machine craft your masterpiece at an incredibly competitive price. And what’s better? The service with a smile while we pride ourselves, as a family owned business on care and emotion put into every project. With ongoing support, on site, via email or phone we promise to deliver the finest of quality to last throughout times.  You can be confident that your custom made display unit will continue to look as grand as the day it was completed.

All your Custom Made Furniture in One Place, Botany Sydney!