In our factory located in Botany, our workshop and factory manufacture your custom kitchens. This means we hold the power to have full control over quality and efficient timing. While we treat every project with care and emotion, we’re open to our clients to stop in and visit out factory during the process of your assignment to check in and chat to our representatives.

Our custom kitchen materials are hard wearing, defiant to surface wear, your everyday kitchen heat (up to approx 180 degrees) and scratching.

Our fully qualified kitchen designers bring to you their knowledge to assist in designing your perfect kitchen to suit your specific needs. Because we believe everything needs to be fabulous! From delivery to service!

Designing your perfect Kitchen

Keep calm while your renovation is in process! Turn your kitchen into a cooking sanctuary! Renovation sounds like a nightmare, so let us take it off your hands. You’ll want to add one special thing to your renovations that you will love, that is Bober.

When it comes to the construction of your home, ensuring the works are finished to the highest of quality are too important. Safety is a crucial, functionality and of course the design and style of your home are all key factors and pointers for your perfectly created and reimagined kitchen.

We’ve taken care of many clients to reach their kitchen goals, and constructing the home of their dreams, jump on board!

Design the Perfect Design with Ultimate Functionality

We offer renovations and extensions, decks, restoration and more, just ask! Impress your guests with your newly designed and created kitchen by Bober.

We can bring alive you kitchen living from our first meet and greet, quotation, measurements and planning discussions to construction and clean up. We’ll provide you sketches and ongoing communication to ensure you’re confident in your project.

 Kitchen Renovations Made Easy 

When designing your kitchen renovations, we can assist you with the styles and designs you might be looking at. Have you thought of the latest trends of no handles on drawers? Have you thought of which way you work within your kitchen (to the left or right)? Have you thought of what appliances you’ll need? A good kitchen design is about putting to you the correct questions and listening, understanding your answers. Once we’ve taken measurements and you’ve accepted our competitive quote, we can start immediately!


Check out our 3 level showroom located in Botany for your kitchen renovation ideas!

When Renovating Your Kitchen, Have You Been Asked the Right Questions?